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The Planning Process

Once an application has been received it is checked by the validation team. If the application is complete it is then registered and allocated to a planning officer.

Guide to having a say on planning applications

Consultation Process

Depending on the nature of the proposal, relevant statutory and non statutory bodies (eg. County Highways Authority) are consulted. Applications that require advertising under the planning legislation as a statutory requirement will appear in one or both local papers - the Newmarket Journal and Bury Free Press. Neighbours are notified and a site notice is displayed close to the application site. The consultation period is usually 21 days.

Viewing Applications

All applications can be viewed on the Online planning applications system.

In addition, all current planning applications can be viewed at the District Offices, College Heath Road, Mildenhall.

It is also possible to view planning applications submitted within Newmarket at the offices of Newmarket Town Council. Such viewings are by appointment only and you are therefore advised to call them on 01638 667227. Newmarket Town Council is based at the King Edward VII Memorial Hall, High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JP.

How to make comments on an application

Comments can be made to the Development Control Team or online using the Online planning applications system.

Please note that this is a public website and your comments will be seen by everyone, along with your name and address (signatures and email addresses will be removed). Make sure that your comments are relevant and not defamatory or offensive, because you remain personally and legally responsible for them. We reserve the right to remove from this website the entirety of any comment which contains any words which are or may be defamatory or offensive. Anonymous comments may not be taken into consideration.

Amendments to Applications

If the plans are amended during the life of the application,  a Planning Application Amendment Proforma should be completed and submitted with the amended plans.

Criteria for determination

Your application will be considered against existing and emerging local and national planning policies, any past planning history on that site, or similar applications as well as other material considerations. 

Delegated Decisions

Most application are determined under delegated powers at officer level. The majority of applications are determined within an 8 week deadline. Major applications are determined within 13 weeks.

Delegation Panel Scheme

Under certain circumstances an application will come before the Delegation Panel for consideration by the Chair and Vice Chair of Planning Committee. They will decide whether the matter remains as a delegated item or referred to Planning Committee for determination. For further information on the Delegation Panel scheme please follow the link on the left hand menu.

Planning Committee

Some applications are referred to Planning Committee

The Decision

A formal decision notice will be sent to either you or your agent, within a few days of the decision being made. This notice will include the date of the decision and any conditions relating to the consent, or alternatively, the reasons for refusal. If permission is granted then there are often further details (such as material samples) that need to be submitted before development can lawfully commence.

To formally discharge conditions, please use the form on the application forms page. Please see the fee sheet for details of charges.


If your permission contains a condition that you consider is unreasonable, your proposal has been refused or a decision has not been reached within the statutory time period (usually 8 or 13 weeks), you can exercise your right of appeal to the Secretary of State.

Details for submitting an appeal are printed on the refusal notice, or can be downloaded from the Planning Portal.


Development Control

Department: Planning Services

Tel: 01638 719480

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