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Changes to the Appeal Process

Changes to the Appeal Process (householder)

Current appeals and appeal decisions reached since 1 April 2006 can be viewed on the Planning Explorer Appeal Search.

Appeal decisions reached from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006.

Changes to the planning appeal process

The Planning Inspectorate is implementing a series of changes relating to the appeal process which came into force on 6th April 2009 (applying to appeals made on applications submitted on or after this date)

These changes are:

  • The Planning Inspectorate will use new powers to determine the appeal procedure to be followed for all planning and enforcement cases
  • A new, expedited process for householder appeals which proceed by way of written representations, to be known as the  Householder Appeal Service
  • The extension of the Costs regime to include written representations appeals
  • Amendments to the Hearing and Inquiries Rules to remove the 9 week written comment stage
  • Amendments to the Inquiries Rules to require the submission of the Statement of Common Ground 6 weeks after an appeal s start date


New householder appeal service

The new fast-track Householder Appeal Service is intended to bring a quicker, more proportionate appeals service to householders, many of whom find the current appeal process confusing and lengthy. Householder appeals will need to be lodged within a new deadline of 12 weeks, instead of the current 6 months. The Planning Inspectorate aim to issue a decision on the appeal within 8 weeks.

For further guidance and advice on appeals, to search for an appeal online or to make an appeal online please visit the Planning Portal.

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