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The Electoral Register is a list of people in the Forest Heath area who are eligible to vote in an election. So that you can vote in an election your name must be on the register.  By law everyone must register to vote, however voting is not compulsory.

Am I registered to vote?

If you filled in the annual canvass form that came through your door last year you should still be registered. You will need to register again if you have moved home since then.
Please note that paying Council Tax does not mean you are on the electoral register.  There are different requirements to be registered to vote.

Who can register?

Any person who is 17 years and over and is a British, Commonwealth, Irish Republic or European Union member state citizen living in the Forest Heath area, who is not currently on the register. 

How do I register?

There are two versions of the Electoral Register, a full copy and an edited copy.
The full register lists the name and address of everyone who is registered to vote. The Council holds a copy. Anyone can look at it, but it is a criminal offence to supply and use copies for purposes other than set down in law. The main use of the full register is to show who can vote in elections and referendums. Credit reference agencies can use it, but only if you are applying for credit and for other purposes specified in law. It can also be used for law enforcement.

The edited register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose. If you do not want your details to be sold, tick the last column (on the Register to Vote form). This is called opting out.

If you are not already on the register of electors, or moving home, please complete the register to vote form.

You must send it to Electoral Services, Forest Heath District Council, College Heath Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7EY. you cannot complete the form online as we require a signature on the form.

Once registered, you will be sent a poll card before each election in which you are able to vote, giving information about how to do so.

How do I qualify for an anonymous entry?

To qualify, you must complete  an  application for anonymous registration and provide evidence to satisfy the Registration Officer that the safety of yourself or of any other person in the same household would be at risk if the Register contained your name and/or your qualifying address.

What supporting evidence do I have to provide?

The evidence has to be either a relevant court order or injunction, or an attestation by a qualifying officer.  If the person whose safety would be at risk is someone else, you must also produce evidence to show that that person is a member of the same household.

Service voters

If you are based overseas, you can register as a service voter by filling in an electoral registration form for members of the armed forces. This form allows you to be registered to vote at an address in the UK while you are away from home or posted abroad. You can also register as a service voter if you live in the UK but may be posted elsewhere at short notice or if you are the spouse or civil partner of a member of the armed forces.

As a service voter, you must renew your registration every three years, but you can cancel it at any time. You will receive a reminder letter from your Electoral Services office three months before you need to renew your service voter registration.

If you change your address, you must inform the electoral services office, or you will not receive your reminder.

If you are based in the UK, you can also register in the normal way by filling in the voter registration form delivered to your home between September and November every year. 

Crown servants or British council employees

If you are working outside the UK as a Crown Servant or as an employee of the British Council, you can still register to vote by completing this form. You can also register this way if you are the spouse or civil partner of a Crown Servant or British Council employee and you are accompanying them during their employment abroad.  You will be registered at the address where you would be living if you were in the UK, or at your last registered address.

Overseas electors

British citizens living overseas, or for a British national who will be living out of the country for a period of more than six months. In order to qualify for registration as an overseas elector, the applicant must have been registered at an address within the authority within the past 15 years. The declaration needs to be attested by a British citizen (non family related to the applicant) who is also living outside of the UK.

Once an application has been approved, it must be renewed every year, but can be cancelled at any time. The electoral services office will send overseas electors a reminder form for this purpose


This form is designed to be completed by homeless person in order to be added to to the Register of Electors. For the purposes of electoral registration a homeless person is someone who has no fixed or permanent address. 

Mental Health

This form is designed to be completed by a person who is under mental health care in order to be added to the Register of Electors. They should complete this form rather than the household voter registration form.

Remand Prisoners 

This form is designed to be completed by a prisoner being held on remand in order to be added to the Register of Electors. 

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