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Tree Management

The service is responsible for the management of the Council's tree stock. This includes many individual trees as well as wooded areas. We undertake regular inspections of the tree stock and carry out both proactive and reactive maintenance works as necessary.

Our has a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based tree management system which records and maps all trees owned by the authority. The system was updated with a comprehensive tree condition survey in 2008, carried out in line with BS 5837, which surveyed all the trees within the ownership of the authority. The survey is updated regularly to help monitor the condition of our tree stock.

Trees contribute to the landscape and to alleviating climate change. They have a cooling effect on the surrounding areas, provide shade, and contribute to flood and erosion control. They are important food sources for a large range of animals (including us), and are an important element in maintaining biodiversity.

Individual landowners within the district own and have responsibility for the trees on their land. Where Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Areas are in place, the owner of the tree will need to contact the Council's Planning Department before carrying out any work on it or removing it.

Other contacts for tree ownership issues include:

Kings Forest Housing 0845 601 33 90
Forestry Commission  01842 810271
Suffolk County Council 0845 606 606 7

Countryside and Open Spaces Manager

Tel: 01638 719214

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