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The council is committed to creating an organisation where all staff are valued, work in harmony and have access to what they need to play an active and inclusive part in the organisation. We will work as an employer to promote social inclusion, respect for others and equal opportunities for all.

We also work with our partners to achieve best practice and best use of resources. We are committed to promoting:

  • equal and appropriate opportunities in employment;
  • flexible, family friendly working arrangements wherever possible including term time working, job sharing and working from home;
  • appropriate recruitment, learning and development and promotion practices and procedures; and
  • the authority's equal opportunities policy, ensuring that employees and councillors support the policy and guard against institutional discrimination.

Benefits include:

  • childcare vouchers;
  • well-being programme and occupational health service;
  • final salary pension;
  • occupational sickness scheme and maternity/maternity support scheme;
  • payment of professional fees and memberships;
  • discounted leisure facilities;
  • discounted bus, rail fares and airport parking; and
  • cycle to work scheme.



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